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What is Fly-to-Earn?

FLY TO EARN (F2E) is a new incentive model where drone owners can fly missions, collect imagery and earn rewards.

The goal of F2E is to incentivize drone owners to regularly fly brief missions to collect aerial imagery and then upload it to the Spexigon platform.

When the Spexigon app launches, pilots will be able to earn reputation points for collecting & uploading imagery to the platform. In time, points will be capable of being used on the platform for a variety of purposes.

Spexigon is also working to adopt a rewards-based model where pilots might earn crypto tokens that would be redeemable or used as consideration for goods/services offered on the platform and it is possible that such tokens (when/if issued) may have a value on the open market.

More clarification to come here as the team behind Spexigon (Spexi Geospatial Inc.) continues to work diligently with legal counsel regarding the changing crypto regulatory landscape. The tax and other treatment of the awards under applicable law will be subject to additional details and information to be provided to you.

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