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Town of Cochrane Imaged with Spexigon

The team is excited to announce that we recently completed Phase 0.1 of our Regional Testnet Rollout which involved flying and imaging the entire town of Cochrane Alberta using the Spexigon platform.

For this test, we had a crew of four professional pilots fly using the DJI Mini 2 while using the new Spexigon mobile and web apps.

Cochrane Alberta Spexigon Explorer view
*Cochrane viewed from within the Spexigon Explorer.

This phase of testing saw the first external drone pilots use the Spexigon web and mobile apps to fly and image 320 Spexigons covering the entire town.

At just over 7,000 acres flown, this is the single largest test of the platform to date.

*View of Cochrane from within the Spexigon Explorer. Gold Spexigons still need to be flown, purple Spexigons are completed.
*View of Cochrane from within the Spexigon Explorer showing all completed Spexigons.

Cochrane was an ideal testing ground for Spexigon, due to the relatively low height of the majority of the buildings in the town. It also has a mix of residential, commercial and industrial land and buildings and some variation in terrain.

*Courtland Penk, Founder of Osprey Integrity.

For this project, we worked with our friends at Osprey Integrity, a professional team of pilots based in Alberta. Their feedback on the imagery collection process, the usability of our web and mobile app and suggestions on features they’d like to see have proved invaluable.

*After each flight, pilots were asked to take notes on drone performance, and the Spexigon mobile app's performance.

We’re now gearing up for the next phase of testing the Spexigon platform, which will involve local pilots of all skill levels flying in parts of the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

We have several goals for this next phase, including iterating on current versions of our mobile and web app based on pilot feedback, streamlining the pilot onboarding experience, and testing the platform’s ability to ingest imagery at scale.

More details to follow!

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