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Spexigon Alpha Test to Open with 50 Local Drone Pilots

Today is a big day!

We’re excited to announce that our next phase of testing Spexigon is officially kicking off and that we’re recruiting 50 pilots to help us.

This will be a paid gig.

In fact, there is a total of $33,225 being allocated to this phase of testing, all of which will be paid out to pilots.

Here are the big picture details:

  • Location: Surrey, B.C
  • Time / Duration: September 15th to October 15th
  • Area to Cover: 2,215 Spexigons (approximately 48,730 acres)
  • Pilots required: 50
  • Compensation: For this test, we will be paying $15 for each Spexigon flown, captured, and successfully uploaded to the platform. One Spexigon takes approximately 7 minutes to fly.

How much you Fly-to-Earn is entirely up to you during this test.

As long as there are open Spexigons and you’re up for flying, you can keep earning until there are no more Spexigons to fly.

*Map of Surrey showing open Spexigons inside the Spexigon Explorer. Spexigons are hexagonal zones on the map that can be flown by drone pilots.

Here is what to do next:

  1. Click this link to learn more about the details of this project and the requirements.
  2. After reading the information above, click here to apply.

We’ll be accepting 50 local pilots and we have over 1000 on our wait list so don’t delay.

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