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Alpha Test Update

Our Alpha Test is in full swing with "devoted-tiger" in first place having flown 181 Spexigons (3,982 acres). "systematic-parrotfish" and "sore-gorilla" are neck and neck at 127 & 120 Spexigons.

If you're wondering what Spexigon is or what the Alpha Test is about here's a quick overview.

Spexigon is the first of its kind, Fly-to-Earn drone imagery platform that rewards drone pilots for capturing imagery in zones on a map called Spexigons.

An easy way to visualize a Spexigon is to think of a three-dimensional hexagon (a.k.a spatial hexagon) where a drone flies at the top of the Spexigon, 80 meters above the ground.

When pilots set up an account in the Spexigon app, they are assigned randomly generated user names like "sore-gorilla".Each time a pilot heads out to fly, they connect their drone to the Spexigon app. Our app then controls the drone in order to capture imagery in a standardized way. This makes it easy for pilots of all skill levels to participate in a safe manner.

After pilots fly and return home, they upload the imagery to the Spexigon cloud so that the imagery can be viewed or processed further by end users. In time, our hope is that the imagery pilots collect can power new insights and better decision-making by organizations of all sizes.

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